Chi Impact Capital GmbH is an independent Impact Investment Advisory firm based in Zurich.

Our focus as an Impact Investment Advisor lies on the deep end of social and environmental impact value creation via direct investments into core regenerative companies, where positive impact creation is a core part of the company’s product or service. We believe in the need of a systems transformation towards both a regenerative economy and a more conscious form of investing.

We are advising a Luxembourg-based impact venture fund – the Nixdorf Kapital Impact Fund S.C.Sc., SICAV-RAIF – Burning Issues Impact Fund – that provides qualified professional investors with the possibility to create place based and deep impact in Europe, while helping to contribute to the most critical and “burning” Sustainable Development Goals and to reverse climate change.

We cooperate with a new species of entrepreneurs with an integrated business mission to solve a burning social or environmental issue. These companies are for-profit European-based enterprises that provide transformative and typically tech-heavy and scalable solutions across the following impact themes: Circular Economy & Conscious Commerce, Green Innovation & Energy Efficiency, Food Safety & Security, Smart Infrastructure as well as Affordable and Climate Resilient Healthcare.

Our purpose is to assist qualified professional investors to achieve both attractive financial returns, while simultaneously being pro-active enablers and shapers of positive and systemic change.

Chi Impact Capital’s advisory activities go fully in line with Art. 9 of the EU Regulation on Sustainability-Related Disclosure in the Financial Services Sector (SFDR; EU 2019/2088). Chi Impact Capital has a comprehensive Impact Methodology in place and defines, measures and reports impact goals for each advised investee company (in close collaboration with each advised investee company) and also applies a gender-lens as well as a multi-species-lens. The corresponding impact goals are tailored to the circumstances of each individual company and the specific sector in which it operates (examples can be within “Green Innovation & Energy Efficiency” i.e. reduction of CO2; “Food Safety & Security” i.e. reduction of food waste or reduced water use; “Circular Economy” i.e. reduction of single-used plastics).  


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