Chi Impact Capital is an independent Impact Investment Advisory firm based in Zurich.

Our focus as an Impact Investment Advisor lies on the deep end of social and environmental impact value creation via direct investments into core regenerative companies, where positive impact creation is an integral part of the company’s product or service. We believe in the need of a systems transformation towards both a regenerative economy and a more conscious form of investing.

We are advising a Luxembourg-based impact venture fund – the Nixdorf Kapital Impact Fund S.C.Sc., SICAV-RAIF – Burning Issues Impact Fund (BIIF) – that provides qualified professional investors with the possibility to create place based and deep impact in Europe, while helping to contribute to the most critical and “burning” Sustainable Development Goals and to reverse climate change.

Chi Impact Capital has a comprehensive Impact Methodology in place and defines, measures and reports impact goals for each advised investee company (in close collaboration with each advised investee company) and also applies a gender-lens as well as a multi-species-lens. The corresponding impact goals are tailored to the circumstances of each individual company and the specific sector in which it operates (examples can be within “Green Innovation & Energy Efficiency” i.e. reduction of CO2; “Food Safety & Security” i.e. reduction of food waste or reduced water use; “Circular Economy” i.e. reduction of single-used plastics).


We care about social and environmental impact

If you care about positive impact, we are your partners.

We start from impact, we live our impact, and we sincerely believe in the impact potential of the BIIF‘s investee companies.

That is why we also tie the BIIF‘s fund carry 100% to the creation of positive impact outcomes.

Investment Focus

​The BIIF invests in a new species of entrepreneurs with an integrated business mission to solve a burning social or environmental issue. These companies are for-profit European-based enterprises that provide transformative and typically tech-heavy and scalable solutions across the following impact themes: Circular Economy & Conscious Commerce, Green Innovation & Energy Efficiency, Food Safety & Security, Smart Mobility & Transport as well as Affordable and Climate Resilient Healthcare.

Circular Economy & Conscious Commerce

Green Innovation & Energy Efficiency

Food Safety & Security

Smart Mobility & Transport

Affordable & Climate Resilient Healthcare

Our purpose is to assist qualified professional investors to achieve both attractive financial returns, while simultaneously being pro-active enablers and shapers of positive and systemic change.

BIIF Portfolio Companies

Chi Impact Capital’s advisory activities go fully in line with Art. 9 of the EU Regulation on Sustainability-Related Disclosure in the Financial Services Sector (SFDR; EU 2019/2088). The BIIF qualifies as a ‘dark green fund’ according to Art. 9 SFDR.


Pioneering food-tech (cultured meat)


Enabling Reusables


Scaling vertical, circular farming


Advancing decentralised energy-transition


Delivers regional food from sustainable agriculture directly to your home.


Pioneering data for good


Communication and review platform for climate solutions


<a href="" target="_blank">Dr. Christin ter Braak-Forstinger</a>

Dr. Christin ter Braak-Forstinger

Founder, CEO

Dr. Christin ter Braak-Forstinger, LL.M. is the founder and CEO of Chi Impact Capital. Christin is passionate about pro-actively making the shift towards a regenerative and deep impact economy a reality.

Christin has a long-standing experience and track record in the financial services sector & private equity, impact investing and sustainable investing; She completed her Doctoral Thesis at Harvard Law School (summa cum laude), her Master Studies at Duke Law School and studied Law and Business Administration before in Austria; Christin is a regular author, key-note speaker, juror and long-time university lecturer in impact investing.

Privately, Christin is the co-founder of award-winning NGO Braveaurora, active in North Ghana since 2009. Christin loves to spend her spare time with her family in nature; meditation forms an integral part in her life.

<a href="" target="_blank">Enrique Alvarado Hablutzel</a>

Enrique Alvarado Hablutzel

Co-Founder, CIO

Enrique is passionate about the development of Circular Economy projects and the growth of individuals and communities using conscious, systematic approaches.

Enrique has a strong background in scaling technology start-ups. He was formerly a Partner at Bamboo Capital Partners, where he was involved in creating innovative investment fund structures, “tech4impact funds,” for emerging markets. Enrique is also part of the Seedstars and Impact Hub networks in Switzerland and played a crucial role in the early development of the Accelerate2030 program, supporting more than 100 companies worldwide. He holds a Master’s degree in Management and Consulting from the University of Lausanne with a specialization in Technology and Innovation from the EPFL, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne.

Enrique is passionate about sports and music as a source of inspiration to thrive in life; he develops Circular Economy programs in Europe and Latin America and is part of an association helping preserve Indian American traditions in Mexico and Europe.

<a href="" target="_blank">Anita Keij</a>

Anita Keij

Co-Founder and senior Impact advisor

Anita Keij is a co-founder and CIO of Chi Impact Capital. Anita deeply believes that moral values are as important as economic value, and working consciously on this basis, leads to a more holistic approach and better results.

Anita has experience in investment and development banking as well as a track record working with social enterprises. She holds a post-graduate degree in corruption studies from the Hong Kong University, and masters in philosophy and economics from Heidelberg University and the Erasmus University Rotterdam. Anita is also a regular guest-lecturer on environmental ethics.

Anita loves being outdoors and believes that nature and sports are crucial for a healthy and happy lifestyle. She is fascinated by animals and is also a beekeeper. Having worked in Virunga National Park in East Congo, Anita is still a supporter of the Virunga Alliance.

<a href="" target="_blank">Martin Moser</a>

Martin Moser

Investment Associate

Martin is part of the rethinking that is taking place in society to move towards a more sustainable world, which is indeed urgently needed. He is deeply convinced that finance can be a force for good and used as a powerful tool for improving the state of society and the environment.

Martin did his Master’s degree in Banking & Finance at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences. Before joining Chi Impact Capital, he worked at UBS AG in the Asset Management Private Equity Fund of Funds team and in Wealth Management, where he served high-net-worth clients. Before his Bachelor in Business Administration, he completed an apprenticeship at a Swiss regional bank.

Moreover, Martin is passionate about pretty much any kind of sports in his spare time. He especially loves football and general fitness sessions to follow an active lifestyle. The beautiful Swiss natural landscape and mountains help him to get a clear mind.

BIIF Fund Advisory Board

Corinne Heijn

Corinne Heijn

Dr. Brigitte Mohn

Dr. Brigitte Mohn

Dr. Mariana Bozesan

Dr. Mariana Bozesan

Alexandra Kapusta

Alexandra Kapusta

Dr. Charly Kleissner

Dr. Charly Kleissner

Stephen Brenninkmeijer

Stephen Brenninkmeijer

Mag. Peter Scheuch

Mag. Peter Scheuch

Dr. Rob Wylie

Dr. Rob Wylie

BIIF Impact Validation Committee

Ruurd de Fluiter

Ruurd de Fluiter

Prof. Dr. Michael Meyer

Prof. Dr. Michael Meyer

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Our book on Conscious Investing

Conscious investors are part of a growing movement who believe they can do better things with their money when they deeply connect with their money and when they allow themselves to see the big picture: namely, the wider systemic impact that their investment decisions entail.

“Now is the time to rethink growth and radically change the way of investing in order to save the planet. With her book Conscious Investing, Christin ter Braak-Forstinger provides a comprehensive guide for the societal shift towards sustainability.”  – Dr. Franz Fischler, President of the European Forum Alpbach

“These days stakeholders deal with a drastic change in investment approach facing an unavoidable responsibility for sustainable development. In her book “Conscious Investing”, Christin ter Braak-Forstinger outlines a series of impact-investing stories that provide vivid examples of how you can pursue positive economic outcomes and scalable societal impact in the same time.”  – Ruben Vardanyan, entrepreneur, Investor & philanthropist

“Conscious investing makes the investor as happy as the investee, it is the joint creation of value for society.”  – Martin Essl, Founder of the Essl Foundation



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